4 Common Homeowners Insurance Claims in Vero Beach

4 Common Homeowners Insurance Claims in Vero Beach

There are a variety of insurance claims in Florida that can take place. When you shop for homeowners insurance in Vero Beach, it is important to know about some of the most common claims so that you can ensure that you have the right level of coverage. This will provide you with peace of mind knowing that if something happens to your home, you will be able to file a claim and have the insurance take care of the cost.

Water Damage

It is very common in Florida to deal with water damage, and much of this has to do with the various thunderstorms. Water has a way of building up in the yard, as well as coming in through windows and other areas. Once there is any level of water damage, you could be looking at mold, mildew, damage to drywall, flooring, furniture, and much more. The cost can extremely quickly, and therefore it is important to have coverage so that you aren’t making replacement out of your own pocket.


Particularly in the nicer communities throughout Vero Beach, theft is not uncommon. Whenever there is a theft, a homeowner’s claim can be made. Many times, theft can be avoided through having security systems and advanced technology locks in place. Even with security, a break-in could happen, and you want to make sure that you have the coverage so that you can file a claim and obtain money to be able to make replacements.

Wind Damage

Whether it is during a hurricane or any other kind of storm, wind can the excessive. This can cause shingles to fly off the roof, trees to blow down and into the windows of the home, and much more. You want to be able to replace roofing materials, windows, and anything else that may be damaged because of the wind storm.


Throughout Florida, there are a number of lightning strikes every single year. These occur throughout all seasons. When lightning strikes on or near a home, it can result in fires, blown electrical circuits, and much more. The damages can be expensive, and all it takes is having the right coverage so that you can have repairs made without it being entirely your financial responsibility.

By understanding more about the various claims that take place on homeowner’s insurance policies in Vero Beach, it makes it easier to find a better policy for you and your home. Working with an agent can ensure that you have the coverage where you need it. This way, should you need to make a claim, you can do so as confidence knowing that you have the necessary coverage.