Auto Insurance Myths Debunked

Auto Insurance Myths Debunked

Buying auto insurance can be a challenge. Much of it has to do with the various auto insurance myths that are out there. You may not even realize which ones are false, which can lead to problems when you trying to buy a policy. Get some of the most common myths debunked so that you can be truly in the know.

Windshield Cracks are Included

One of the most common myths is that windshield cracks are automatically included within your auto insurance. You don’t want to assume that this is automatic with your policy. With most insurance companies, you need to have comprehensive coverage in order to be able to file this claim. Otherwise, the cost of replacing or repairing the windshield would fall completely up to you.

Uninsured Motorist is Required

In the state of Florida, uninsured motorist is not a requirement. Many insurance companies will added automatically, which means that you are paying for it. However, you can choose to have it removed from your policy, which can also save money. While this is a way to lower your premium, not having the coverage can put you in danger in the event you get involved in an accident where someone doesn’t have insurance.

If you are not sure whether you should have the coverage or not, it’s best to have a conversation with an insurance agent so that you can receive proper guidance.

Rental Car Coverage is Automatic

Many people think that they are in an accident and therefore needs to go into the shop, they will automatically be given a rental car. This is not the case. You will need to make sure that you have this option in place on your policy, which generally comes at a small premium. It’s not a lot of money, so it may be best to have it so that you can get a rental car in the event that your car ends up in the body shop.

It's Cheaper to Buy Policies Individually

This will depend greatly on you and the other drivers in your household. Often, you will qualify for a multi-driver discount, allowing you to save money on your policy. In some instances, it may be cheaper to buy policies individually if one person has a large number of accidents. The best way to know for sure what the cheaper option is will be to get quotes with both scenarios. An independent insurance agent can help you with this so that you can get several quotes and make comparisons. It will then allow you to make a more educated decision about how to acquire affordable auto insurance in Florida.

Knowing more about the various myths that exist will make it easier for you to find quality auto insurance that you can count on in Florida. It may take a little bit of extra time to do the research, but it can save you a fortune over the course of the year.