How Professional Liability Can Prevent Your Business from Going Under

How Professional Liability Can Prevent Your Business from Going Under

Every year, you read about different businesses closing their doors. Some of it has to do with their product or service being irrelevant in today's marketplace, and some of it has to do with financial stability. Professional liability insurance can provide you with a significant amount of protection. It may be the best way of ensuring that you don't go under, like so many other businesses.

Since you want to be a successful business owner without having to worry about shutting your doors because of one little accident, insurance is a must.


One of the first ways professional liability insurance can protect you is through coverage of lawsuits. Even if you are found not to be liable, representing yourself during a lawsuit can be an expensive undertaking. Lawyers are not cheap, and therefore you will need to pay them in order to protect you and present your case in the court room. With insurance, these legal costs can be covered, as can the settlement that is agreed upon.

Without insurance, all of these legal costs and the settlement would be your financial responsibility. Depending upon the total value, this could cause you to liquidate everything – and lose your business in the process.


Accidents are a part of life. A customer could easily get hurt because of your product, service, or because of visiting you at your location. If they get hurt, you are the one liable, though professional liability insurance can provide the protection to take care of the medical bills and any legal proceedings that may follow.

No matter how safe you keep your location, accidents can happen. They may happen when you least expect them, with a simple slip or trip. Customers visit your location and expect that nothing will occur. When something does, they may not be so forgiving, and this is when a lawsuit can easily take place.

In the end, there are a number of reasons why you should have professional liability insurance. In some industries, it is even required. Affordable policies can be found, and when you work with an independent insurance agent, they can help you through the entire process.

Being able to file a claim with the insurance company may be the only way to save your business – and ensure that you get the financial help that you need to. Otherwise, you would be out of pocket for the expense – and this could be thousands of dollars of your hard-earned profits.

When you need professional liability insurance, it’s important to find a good policy. You don’t have to do all the research on your own. The easier option is to work with an independent insurance agent. An experienced agent can answer questions, find various policies from some of the top insurance companies in Florida, and guide you towards the best policy for your business.