How to Search for a Corporate Wellness Program

How to Search for a Corporate Wellness Program

A corporate wellness program can be one of the best things that you do for your employees. It demonstrates that you care about them and their overall well-being. The benefits include not only helping your employees, but also reducing the likelihood of a high turnover. You keep your employees healthier and happier – so it's all a matter of finding a wellness program that works best for you and your employees.

Know the Programs

There are all sorts of different programs out there that count as “corporate wellness.” This means that it’s up to you to know about them so you can determine what will work best for your company. Some of the options include:

  • Online seminars and workshops
  • Health apps
  • Health coaches
  • On-site fitness centers and classes

You may want to incorporate one or more of these into your program. Often, it is easier if you work with a third party program. This will ensure you get all of the support needed.

Create a Group of Employees

Work to find a group of employees who want to have their thoughts heard. When you have a group of employees, preferably compiled between multiple departments, you get to create a focus group. This is you the opportunity to run various ideas passed your employees and get their input. The goal should be to have them be representative of the entire company.

They may provide you with insight that you have never thought of. Who better to ask about what should be included in a corporate wellness program than the employees who are going to be using it? They may already know what other companies are offering, and they may be privy to what some of the other employees are wanting.

Conduct a Survey

It can also be helpful to conduct a survey. You want to make sure that the corporate wellness program is meeting the needs of all of your employees. Some people may be focused on losing weight, while others want to reduce their stress levels. What you offer inside your corporate wellness program should be customizable, and if it’s not, it’s probably not the right program for you and your company.

Expand from Time to Time

The needs of your employees change. As such, the offerings within your corporate wellness program should change as well. It’s a good idea to expand from year to year so that employees can see that you are actively interested in making improvements.

You may have a limited budget and that is understandable. You start with a group health plan in Florida and then expand to health assessments. From there, you may want to add discounts to health centers and gyms, offer health coaching, or even a health app where you offer incentives for completing different tiers.

Continue to listen to your employees as they will guide you towards what they need. While you may not be able to do everything at once, it can be added to your want list. This way, each time you are ready to expand, you know what to do.