Six Things To Understand About Vero Beach Home Insurance

Six Things To Understand About Vero Beach Home Insurance

Living in a place like Vero Beach, Florida you can find many options in homes and prices for them. When you purchase or upgrade your new home you will want to make sure you have the best Homeowners insurance policy to cover any disasters that can occur to your property. Being on the beautiful east coast of Central Florida and living here requires a unique Homeowners Policy. Below are six things to understand about your Homeowners Policy.

1-Before you purchase a Home Insurance policy in Vero Beach make sure to look for any exclusions in the coverage. Living in a town like Vero Beach you will most likely need to purchase flood insurance but you will have to do so separately from your homeowners policy which doesn’t include it. There can be other exclusions in these policies but this is the major one. Just make sure you read your policy and understand the exclusions.

2-Homeowners policies have limitations on the claims that are made. There are dollar limitations on some valuable items in your house like jewelry and fine art. Just make sure to read the policy to see that the limitations are enough to cover these kind of items in your house. The insurer will only pay out so much for particular types of items.

3-Replacement cost vs. the Insured amount on the policy. When you purchase a Homeowners policy make sure you understand the difference between these two methods of calculating the value of your property when it comes to insurance. The replacement cost of your home in Vero Beach might cost one price but the insured amount might be less than what it will cost to replace your home. Make sure the Insured amount is enough to cover the actual replacement of your home if something disastrous occurs like a Hurricane.

4-Actual Cash Value is another term to understand in your Vero Beach Home Policy. If you decide not to rebuild after a hurricane you will get the actual cash value of the house. The Actual Cash Value is equal to the Replacement Cost minus Depreciation of your house. Make sure to understand this concept in your homeowners policy when your purchase it and what you would end up with in this situation.

5-Understand the limits of liability in your Vero Beach homeowners policy. If someone gets hurt on your property there could be limits on how much the insurance company will pay out. Make sure you know the upper limit of this payout.

6-Save Money by combining policies. If you buy Homeowners and Auto insurance from the same insurance company you will get a big discount and save money. This is a great deal and can save you lots of money over time.


These six tips can help you better understand your Vero Beach Homeowners insurance policy. Knowing what is covered and for how much can help you with peace of mind when living in your home in beautiful Vero Beach.