Three Tips to Help You Save On Homeowners Insurance in Vero Beach Florida

Three Tips to Help You Save On Homeowners Insurance in Vero Beach Florida

When it comes to homeowners insurance in Vero Beach Florida, cost is not always the most important factor. If the time ever comes to make a claim, it will not matter how much money you saved on premiums, if your insurance company does not come through for you.  Make sure you review a creditable carrier in Vero Beach, FL

With that said, we all have a limit as to what we can afford to spend on coverage. You may never need to file a claim, but that does not mean you will not have a rate increase. The price of building materials and labor has a direct effect on the cost of all homeowners’ policy. The premiums must reflect true and current repair costs. What can you do? Here are a few tips that might help.


1. Raise your deductible. Raising your deductible means you are willing to take the financial hit in the event that a claim is necessary. If your rate was going to increase by $100 per month, set aside the amount it would have costs you and add it to your savings. The additional money you need, will be waiting for you if you need it and you would only feel the pinch for a few months.

2. Shop around. Though it is not recommended to shop “just price”, you may be able to find a better rate from a reputable company especially if you have not compared rates in a while. Insurance companies want the business of good homeowners who do not abuse them. Before you switch, give your carrier a chance to see if they can help. And do your homework. Check the internet for reviews from customers who have used them.

Ask your friends and family who they use. It is always good to know first-hand how a company treats their clients.

3. Consider bundling all of your insurance with one carrier. Often by combining home, auto, health or life insurance; you can earn a hefty discount. Be honest with your carrier. Tell them you are willing to work with coverage and deductibles but you need a better rate and you need to make sure your coverage is adequate. Take advantage of this situation to have an insurance inventory. Visit all of your policies. Life changes things. Your property values may have gone up since you took out your policy. You may have earned a discount due to an alarm system you have installed. Make sure you have adequate loss of content coverage. The amount of money to replace appliances or furniture today may be more than it was when you bought your policy, especially if has been ten years or more.

After your audit, allow your insurance carrier to work up new policies and present you with your best options.