Why Flood Insurance May Be a Wise Investment for Your Florida Home

Why Flood Insurance May Be a Wise Investment for Your Florida Home

Flood insurance in Florida is extremely common. This is because there is a significant amount of rainfall that takes place throughout the year. Investing in a flood insurance policy in addition to coverage you have on your homeowner’s insurance may be well worth it.

Protecting Your Florida Home

It is important to protect your Florida home at all costs. Flooding can be extremely dangerous, and it may occur faster than you might think is even possible. If there is a significant amount of rain, the drainage may not be sufficient. Before you know it, the streets can be flooded, and you may start to notice a significant amount of flooding run your home.

All of this water can cause damage. This includes damage to the structure of your home, as well as the interior, should water get into your home. It could mean having to replace carpeting, furniture, and more.

If you have flood insurance in Vero Beach, you can simply file a claim so that you are not having to pay for all of this out of your own pocket. Depending upon the level of damage, it could add up to thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars, and this can be avoided by having a policy.

Going Above Your Homeowner’s Insurance Policy

You may make the assumption that if you have a homeowner’s insurance policy in Florida that you are sufficiently covered. This is not always accurate. If you read through what is and is not covered in the fine print of your policy, you may notice that there may not be the flood coverage that you think is in place.

This means that you need to obtain the correct amount of coverage to protect you in the event that there is a flood. With hurricanes and storms that occur throughout a significant part of the year, it is very easy to experience flooding in Vero Beach. Depending upon current flood zones as identified by FEMA, you may even be in a situation where you are required to have flood insurance in addition to your homeowners insurance.

To determine if you are required to have flood insurance, or simply to talk about adding the coverage, you can talk to an independent insurance agent. They will look at your ZIP Code in conjunction with the flood zones and be able to provide you with quotes. This will also allow you to make comparisons to ensure you get the most affordable premium possible.