Why It’s Important to Follow Traffic Laws for the Sake of Auto Insurance Costs

Why It’s Important to Follow Traffic Laws for the Sake of Auto Insurance Costs

Traffic laws should always be followed. However, you may speed from time to time, run a red light, or do something else, simply because you were careless or thought you could get away with it. When it comes to auto insurance costs, it is going to be to your benefit that you follow all laws.

In the event you receive a traffic citation, this is going to be a part of your driver’s record. Even if it doesn't include points going onto your license, it will still be recorded. Your insurance company will pull copies of your driving history from time to time. If they see citations, this can demonstrate that you are not a safe driver – and your insurance premiums can go up.

Speeding causes a number of accidents every year. Additionally, an accident can be more severe if you were found to be speeding. Insurance companies want to protect themselves, and therefore they can see this as a major risk. They will increase the cost of insurance as a way to counteract the potential of having to pay more if you have to file an auto insurance claim.

What You Can Do

There are plenty of ways you can prevent auto insurance costs from going up. This can keep your policy more affordable and prove that you are a safe driver.

  1. Familiarize yourself with the various traffic laws in Florida
  2. Set cruise control when you are on highways
  3. Always count to three when at a stop sign
  4. Stop at yellow lights instead of trying to race through them

By reducing the likelihood of getting a ticket, you become a safer driver. If you do get a ticket, one of the best thing that you can do is take a “safe driving course” offered by a company. Various offers will arrive in the mail automatically once you have been issued a traffic citation. You can pick any number of them as long as they are approved by the state. It may reduce the points you get on your license, and show the insurance company that you are serious about driving safely.

When Insurance Goes Up

If you experience a rate hike on your insurance because of a traffic citation, you have options. You can choose to stay with the insurance company and pay the added amount per month. You can also choose to shop your insurance around. Not all insurance companies are the same – and some put greater emphasis on the other areas.

With the help of an independent insurance agent, you can get quotes from some of the top insurance companies in Florida. This gives you a chance to see what premium costs they offer – and one may actually be cheaper than what you were paying prior to receiving a traffic citation.