Why Teen Drivers are Expensive to Insure

Why Teen Drivers are Expensive to Insure

Teen drivers need to be added to your insurance policy in Florida. This will ensure they are covered in the event that something should happen while they’re behind the wheel. They are more expensive to insure, and understanding why will help you to save money throughout the year.

The reality is that more accidents are caused by teen drivers than any other demographic. Part of it is because they are new and inexperienced. Part of it is because they haven't learned how to be defensive drivers yet.

Young & Inexperienced

Teen drivers are young and inexperienced. The moment a teen turns 15, they will be able to get their permit. The moment they turn 16, they will be able to get their driver’s license, assuming they pass both the written and driving exam.

While you can't do anything about their age, you can do something about their inexperience. If their school does not offer a driving course, you can sign them up for one. This will allow them to learn more about defensive driving techniques. You may also want to consider keeping them off the road for an additional year as a way of ensuring that they have a little bit more experience.

They Have Bad Habits

Teen drivers are also known to have very bad habits. They talk on their phone, they text, they play loud music, and they want to show off their driving skills with multiple friends in the car. This leads to a number of distractions. When a teen driver is distracted, they are more likely to be paying attention to things other than the road.

What this means is that you need to set rules for your teen. Limit the number of friends that they are able to have in the car when they go out on the road. You should also set rules about texting, talking, and music. While you probably don’t want to take their phone away in the event that they need to make a call, you can check their phone history to see if they called anyone while they were driving.

Teens need to learn how to drive so they can be good adult drivers. They will often learn from those around them, which means you need to be a good role model for them. Help them to learn how to drive defensively and give them the necessary tools to be successful. Enroll them in a driving course and set rules.

Auto insurance is going to increase when you add a teen to your policy. However, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Work with an agent to learn about some of the ways to keep your policy affordable. This will allow you to get the necessary coverage while still maintaining a reasonably priced auto policy.