Corporate Wellness Programs - 5 Ways Everybody Wins!

Corporate Wellness Programs are handled in various ways depending on the company that offers it and the amount of time and money the business is willing to invest in it. Basically Corporate Wellness Programs offer benefits and tools to their employees and their employee’s family to help them stay well.

Some companies pay for their employee to obtain a membership at a gym or through an organization such as the YMCA. Others take it much further.

Some company’s bring in medical personnel to offer guidance and help to their employees. They may set up an exercise area in the office and allow employees access to it before and after work and on breaks. They replace snack machines with machines that offer a healthier alternative.

These things are very beneficial to the employee. But we all know, with any business, it must benefit the company as well or the return on their investment is low. Here are some examples of how a Corporate Wellness Program benefits both the employer and employee.

1. Healthier employees miss less work than individuals who do not participate in healthy habits. This translates into less absenteeism (and less pay) for the employee and higher productivity for the employer.

2. Lower of health care costs, is a perk for both parties.

3. Reduces risk of injury, workers compensation and disability related costs.

4. Higher moral in the office. Healthy people feel better and are easier to work with.

5. Makes the employee feel as if he is part of the solution and improves loyalty.

A company can have the best program in the world, but it does little if no one uses it. Set up incentives. Create a quarterly absenteeism chart and reward the department with the highest attendance a free lunch.

Make sure your department heads use the program and encourage their team to as well.

Create incentives for your staff to take advantage of the program and recognize them when doing to. Have a sign in sheet and give the employee who used the gym the most in a month an afternoon off. Get creative. There are many ways to motivate your team. The most important thing is to make them feel they are an important part of the team.

Ask your employees what type of program and what options they would enjoy before you invest. Make them part of the team. Let them know this program is for the good of the employee and that is why it is good for the company.

Corporations, who have successfully incorporated wellness into the work place, report fewer sick days among staff and management. Better attitudes and less depression in the work place. Healthier bodies maintain sharper minds. Corporate Wellness Programs are a no lose situation.