The Benefits Of Group Dental Insurance Policies

Dental Insurance is a kind of health insurance meant for the full or partial payment of your dental care. There are several plans of dental insurance – individual insurance, family and group dental insurance. More emphasis will be placed on group dental insurance as that is the focus of this article. Group dental insurance can be categorized into three major groups. The first one is indemnity dental insurance plan, the second, Preferred Provider Network dental insurance plan and the third category is Dental Health Managed Organizations dental insurance plan.

Indemnity dental insurance plan gives you the liberty to choose any dentist of your choice provided he or she accepts this kind of dental insurance cover. But for the other two dental insurance plans, you have to choose among the pre-selected in-network dental clinics and enjoy the benefits attached to it. For group dental insurance, there are different classes of covers depending on the fees attached. Wider coverage attracts higher fees.

People don’t usually like to change their physicians or doctors without very good reasons as he or she would already have a record of their health history and will understand them better. So, if you really don’t want to change your dentist, Indemnity Dental Insurance may be the best option for you. Even if he is not among the dentists in your chosen dental network, your insurance company will just pay a percentage of the services you receive while you pay the rest.

Group dental insurance plans are becoming more widely accepted because of several inherent benefits. The first and the most important one is that it protects your employees. It ensures that employees get adequate dental care that is above their reach. It also ensures that your investment is well protected should any of your employees develops health issues.

Another very good reason you should buy a group dental policy for your employees is that it helps them maintain a certain level of productivity. This is a psychological one and it is not applicable to group dental insurance alone. It is also applicable to all other group health insurance policies. When your employees know that they and their families are secure, it puts them in a great frame of mind and they tend to deliver more.

Since one of the factors that determine a preferred work place is the benefits current employees enjoy. And a good health insurance plan is one of them. Buying a group dental insurance policy can help you attract highly dedicated employees.

Finally, it helps your employees save more and pay less tax. Without the policy, employees would have paid for these services with their after-tax income. But group insurance policies are always calculated based on employees’ income before tax is removed. At this point, it is noteworthy that there are more benefits than the few mentioned here.