6 Items to Have on Your Boat that can Reduce Boat Insurance

6 Items to Have on Your Boat that can Reduce Boat Insurance

Having a boat in Florida that can be a whole lot of fun. However, every time you have to file a claim with the insurance company, your premium on both insurance may go up. This means that there are several things you will want to have on your boat. These can help to save you money on your insurance and reduce the likelihood of needing to file a claim.

Life Jackets

There should be enough lifejackets on the boat for everyone who was on board. If there are children, you should have lifejackets that are smaller so that they fit properly. Additionally, the lifejacket should be easily accessible, and everyone should know where they are so that they are needed, everyone knows how to give to them quickly.

Throwable Flotation Device

A life sling or other throwable flotation device should be part of the inventory on your boat. If someone were to fall overboard, you would need to throw this flotation device to them so that they can swim towards it. They can then hold onto it while you pull them into the boat.

Fire Extinguisher

While you hope that there is never a fire on the boat, you should have a fire extinguisher on premises. Everyone should know how to use the fire extinguisher as well, which involves pulling the pin, aiming the extinguisher, and then squeezing the two handles together.


Some kind of sound-producing device is required, and a horn should be as loud as you can find. This will make it easier to be noticed when you are out on the water. Various issues may occur that will require you to use your horn. Someone may fall overboard, another boat may be headed in your direction, or you can alert swimmers to your presence.


A flare is a visual distress signal that you can fire in an emergency. Whether you have called the Coast Guard for help or not, you can send off a flare in order to help people identify where you are. Particularly if you see a helicopter plane overhead and they are searching for you, this is a great way to make your location known.

VHF Radio

A VHF radio will allow you to call for help when you are out on the water. In the event that you were boat breaks down, someone has fallen overboard, or there is an injury, you will want to get the Coast Guard out there as quickly as possible. Rather than trying to depend upon finding another boat who has a communication device, you should have one available on your own.

All of this equipment should be considered “must haves” and when you go to purchase boat insurance, letting them know you have all of these things can help to reduce your rates.