Corporate Wellness and the Holiday Season

Corporate Wellness and the Holiday Season

If you have a corporate wellness program in place, it is important to pay attention to the offerings throughout the holidays. Even if you don't have a program in place, now is the time to start thinking about it. You want to make sure that your employees are healthy and happy throughout the holidays. Not only will it keep them in better spirits, it will ensure that you maximize productivity without having to deal with callouts.

Flu Shots

One of the best ways to promote wellness throughout the holidays is to offer flu shots on site. There are many benefits to doing this. One, you make it more accessible for people to get their annual flu shot. Second, you contain it to your work site so that people don't have to leave premises in order to get theirs. By doing this, you also ensure that fewer people get the flu so that you don't have anyone out sick.

You can arrange for a clinic to come out and provide the flu shots. This is generally very easy to do because everyone wants to make it easy to give out the shots. It can all be run through your insurance so that there is nothing for the employees to do except to sit down and get the shot.

Wellness Newsletter

A wellness newsletter should be something that you promote throughout the year within your wellness program. It can provide tips to people on how to be the healthiest version of themselves. It may promote homeopathic medicine or the importance of going to the doctor. Either way, employees will see it as you putting their health first.

The newsletter doesn't have to be something that you write. When you opt for corporate wellness programs through insurance companies, they will provide a lot of these tools to you. You can then simply customize them with your company logo and name.

Healthy Potluck

Everything you do in the office doesn’t have to come through your insurance company or through a specific wellness program, either. You can choose to make your own additions in order to keep employees happy. A healthy potluck may be a great way to boost employee morale and ensure that you are maintaining a healthy environment.

Ask everyone to bring a dish, but with a healthy edge to it. You may want to supply the protein, such as a roasted turkey breast. From there, people can bring in low fat and low calorie side dishes in order to share with everyone.

Talk to your employees and find out what you can do to help them be in better health throughout the holidays. Remember, flu season and the holidays are approaching. They happen at the same time, so you want to be as proactive as possible to keep everyone healthy.