Commercial Property in FL: How to Protect It

Commercial Property in FL: How to Protect It

When you have commercial property in Florida, you need to be sure you have a way of protecting it. Don’t make the assumption that standard business insurance is going to protect your property. You need a separate policy that will cover the building and everything in it, similar to that of homeowner’s insurance, but for your business property.

Even beyond an insurance policy, there’s much that you can do to protect your property.

High Tech Locks

Most of the locks on businesses can be broke into extremely quickly. This is because no one is bothering to spend the money on high tech locks. The first step to securing your commercial property is to buy better locks. You may be surprised by how you can reduce break-ins simply with this measure.

Security System

Go ahead and install a security system, too. This should include window and door sensors as well as video cameras. The cameras can act as a crime deterrent and also give you footage in the event there is ever a burglar. When you have video footage, it is more likely that the crime will be solved. Depending on your industry and how high tech you want to go, it’s also possible to view your cameras using a mobile app on your smartphone or tablet. This way, you can check in on your property or get a visual on the break-in as it’s happening.

Employee Background Checks

Not everyone is reliable and trustworthy. When you want to protect your property against break-ins as well as general damage, it’s a good idea to conduct employee background checks on everyone you hire. This will tell you more about who you’re allowing onto your property. If someone has a criminal past, you may want to give extra consideration before giving them keys to your building.

Commercial Property Insurance

A commercial property insurance policy can provide you with a lot of protection. It can provide you with the protection against the building as well as everything inside of it. Every policy is a little different and you want to be sure it is customized for you and your business. This includes exploring the add-on coverage options so you can be sure you have thought about everything that could happen.

Working with an agent gives you the opportunity to discuss what you need in commercial property insurance. Ask questions about what businesses commonly go through. Get rate quotes from multiple companies so you can make comparisons. Then, you can get a policy confidently knowing that if there is an issue, you can file a claim and the company will take care of the rest.

When you protect your commercial property, it shows you’re a responsible business owner. With insurance, a security system, and background checks, there will be less to worry about on a day to day basis.