Why Employees Care About Disability Insurance Being Offered

Why Employees Care About Disability Insurance Being Offered

Employees care about all sorts of different aspects to their benefits package. While many may be asking about health insurance, don't assume that they don't care about disability insurance in Florida, too. You want to provide as much as possible so employees feel as though the company they work for cares about them. It can help you with employee retention, too.

It Provides Peace of Mind

First and foremost, disability insurance provides peace of mind to employees. People want to know that if they get hurt on the job, they are going to have some kind of insurance to provide protection. This is not only to help them with their medical bills, but also lost income. Those with families are going to be particularly interested in what you have to offer.

Employees Want Coverage

Employees wants coverage, and this comes in the form of all sorts of different types of insurance. When you begin creating a benefits package for your employees, you want to consider disability insurance. While you hope that none of your employees ever become disabled, it is something that should be offered. Health insurance, vision insurance, dental, and others are important as well, though this is a minor expense that your employees will love to see when they begin looking at the benefits you offer.

It Covers Various Scenarios

The reality is that a good disability insurance policy is going to cover quite a bit. This includes paid sick leave as well as short term and long term disability. The insurance will cover them, even if what happens isn’t on the job. No one can ever be certain what will happen, so this can ease their worries.

Statistics show that 25% of the people in the workforce will suffer from some kind of disabling injury before they retire. Don’t think for a second that your employees aren’t aware of this. They want the coverage, and it could be the difference between them coming to work for you and going to work for another company.

Add the Coverage

You will want to go ahead and add the coverage to your employees’ packages. It is part of the group benefits in Florida that you can add. This is not the kind of insurance employees will generally add on their own, though they will be happy to accept it should you decide to offer it.

Employees will feel more secure about their finances as well as your safety program if you have this kind of insurance in place. It’s a small price to pay if it helps your employees feel better about coming to work for you. You can contact an independent insurance agent about the coverage right away so that you can explore adding it to the other group benefits that you may offer.